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How can You Help Mount Tabor  
XC - Track & FielD?

Please contact a coach to see how you can help!

Your doctors physical form is NOT acceptable.  
You can download the physical form (11 pages) from the school's website under Athletics or under links from ours.  
You cannot participate without a current physical!  Vaild for 365 days only plus a 30 day grace period.
Please schedule appointments now to avoid any missed practices.   
If you are unsure of the date of your physical, contact Michelle Palmer MJPALMER@WSFCS.K12.NC.US
She is our Assistant Athletic Director in charge of eligibility. 

If there is ever off-campus practice on school days, transportation is always provided via an activity bus.  Please utilize it!  It will return no later than 6 pm to MT.  
Bus always leaves MT promptly @ 3:50 pm on school days from the Bus Lot in front of the Gym lobby.   Athletes are required to ride a school bus to away competition.  If athletes miss a bus driving on their own to a meet is at their own risk.   

Practice Pick Up:
Practice always ends at the times listed, and athletes should be picked up no later than 6 pm.
Please pick up your child by 6 pm so our coaching staff may also leave campus.
Always pick your athlete up from MT Lot #1 in front of the Gym entrance.   

Parent Representatives

MT Tabor Athletic Board 
Cindy Kern  -  Email: 
Team Photographer 
Phil Ponder  Email:
Team Snacks & Concessions
Cindy Kern & Katie Whitworth Email: or